Nexus 4 Is Back On Sale In The Australian Google Play Store

Heads-up, folks! Google just put the unicorn-like Nexus 4 back on sale in the Google Play store! Get 'em while they last.

Both the 8GB and 16GB model are back on sale right now, and seeing as how the first batch sold out in less than an hour. Go, go, go!

Thanks to Jamie for getting this info to us! [Google]


    Ordered mine about 6 minutes after they appeared this morning before notifying Gizmodo they're back on sale.

    You're welcome. ;)

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      Hey mate! Apologies for the lack of hat-tip. Massive fail on my part.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

        No problem. Just happy to be able to get the word out so other geeks like me don't miss out this time.

          Mate, thank you, you don't know how happy my wife is right now, as I told her I got her a new phone.... no more Blackberry for her

            but BB's just released their new phones! :P

    it's way earlier than the previous noon release! i'd gotten one too! boo yah!!

    Ordered 2, Hopefully they will actually arrive and not just sit in limbo. :)

      keep 1, sell the other? good thinking! :)

        he he, 1 for my mother and 1 for my partner, and seeing as how my less then 1 month old lumia 920 decided to brick itself, i may need to get a third ha ha

    So, on sale at 9:15, sold out by 9:30? :P

    This is too late for me anyway. I was going to get one of these for my wife for Christmas but got sick of waiting so picked up a Motorola Razr M instead.

      i ordered mine at 9:45 it was still in stock

    Here's hoping for the Nexus 10. Or should I just get a Nexus 7? Is smaller better?

      depends on your usage i'd say... the 7 is pretty good for on-the-train reading, etc...

      I dig my 7, perfect size for consumption whilst maintaining portability.

    Awesome, bought 2 as well, one for the wife, and I might use other one for my work phone since the Nokia is gonna go kaput. :D

    but for some reason even though it says accepted AMEX.... it didn't. AMEX was rejected. (damn gonna miss those triple point)

    oh the bumper case is SOLD OUT O.o

    WOO HOO! just ordered mine, can't wait!

      yea can't wait :)

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      are there any shipping costs coz it says shipping calculated at checkout?

        yes $19.95 for me when I ordered 2 of them (which is the limit you can buy under 1 account)

          just got my second email from Google saying my item has been shipped! o yea....

            I got mine yesterday. This phone is amazing. I can see now why people move to Android. Standard features on Android only available in JB iOS. The phone got no lag, everything so smooth

    About effing time Google. I bought one at 9, a guy at work walked in and said, "ordered your Nexus yet?" I Had no idea.... None. Worst launch of a phone ever.

      Seeing as this wasn't the launch and only a restock, and the launch had the phone sell out in 30 minutes, I don;t think I blame them for not trumpeting the restock straight away

        Mate don't apologise for them. The entire launch was a farce as is the lack of supply ever since.

    Would have got this last year but not getting it now, waiting for HTC M7 and Sony Xperia Z.


      The 4's specs were great at time of launch but will be overtaken very soon. I'm generally unimpressed by the way Google have marketed the Nexus. Such supply and shipping issues don't inspire confidence. Low price alone isn't enough to appeal any more.

    Sorry guys, Google Play is now saying "an error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later". Maybe time to forget Google and buy something else :-(

      Same here

        i got that error while ordering one too, try filling up your credit card details using Google Wallet first then try again... should work :)

          Thanks mate, nearly gave up, 5 minutes after I got the order through the 16 gig model is sold out :-)

          Now they are out of stock again! Come back later! Google wallet should not affect this. Pass...

      i had the same problem with the 16gb but the 8gb worked fine for whatever reason. setting up google wallet prior to purchasing had no effect for me.

        I had the error message when I use AMEX but when I use VISA, it's ok

    Yeap, same here. Noticed its only happening on the 16GB model. If you order a 8GB model only, it goes straight through to payment.

    Ships in 2-3 weeks? Sounds like these aren't even manufactured yet.

    In any case, I'm keen to know what's going on with the Nexus 10? That's been out of stock since launch!

      I bought the 16GB Nexus 10 because the Nexus 4 is out of stock, the screen is absolutely gorgeous when you play FHD video like Gangnam Style. Should have bought the 32GB as I run out of storage after installing a few games like Asphalt 7, NFS, GTAIII, Nova 3, etc and some of my videos collections. The storage issue can however be overcome by buying Nexus Media Importer from Play Store and a USB OTG, but it is still better to have everything in the devide.

    IS the shipping charge xtra for nexus 4?

    'an error occured while processing your purchase'


    Bought one to replace my smashed S3, but I'm also planning on getting the S4 when it comes out... This is turning into an expensive habit GNex>S3>N4>S4 :S

    Ordered my 16 GB model this morning. Finally. I missed the initial launch because it had the date on it, it hadn't launched yet, so I thought maybe they stuffed up and put the local US date on there. I was out getting lunch when the sales opened and then sold out.

    So, where are those half-spherical wireless chargers?

    16gb sold out just before 11am. It still shows as available but you'll get an error when checking out. 8gb one doesn't have a problem.

      Although it is probably likely they sold out... About five minutes ago whilst profusely pressing the "Proceed" button, it came up with the error message but also said "We are working on a fix to the problem".

      Although that fix is probably setting the NExus 16gb from Ships Soon to Sold Out, hey, gives me a little glimmer of hope :P

      whoah... really? I was thinking buying another 2 haha

      Surely they can couldjust keep taking orders and then just move through the list as more become available...

    The one day I decide to sleep in! Now the checkout is saying error; here's hoping it doesn't go out of stock again!

    I ordered mine at 10.15 and got a confirmation email. I don't really care what the s4 looks like or what it has the stock android software is what im after. And I'm typing this with my s3 lol. As for the 2-3 weeks I think it will arrive earlier.

    Bought two from the US store and saved myself some dough compared to Australian pricing. Says "1-2 weeks" not "2-3 weeks" compared to Australia which is interesting...

      how much was the shipping to Australia?

    Nexus 16gb is back! Go crazy everyone :#

      The 16gb is totally gone now. The sucky "Temporarily out of stock" message is back.

    no its not...still getting the same crappy error

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