New Mad Catz Controllers Work With (Almost) Any Gaming Device

Mad Catz has announced a new range of GameSmart hardware which is designed to work across pretty much any platform. These things will get you gaming on PC, Macs, tablets, phones, TVs — and even consoles.

The new slew of hardware includes the C.T.R.L.R. wireless gamepad, the R.A.T.M. wireless gaming house, a F.R.E.Q.M. mobile headset and the M.O.U.S.9 wireles mouse. Powered by Mad Catz's new Bluetooth GameSmart technology, the new devices are designed to be as versatile as possible.

That definitely means they'll work with PCs and Macs, but the company also claims they should work with tablets, phones and TVs — either natively or with the (included) Nano Dongle USB receiver. More than that, they claim that F.R.E.Q. headset will work with consoles. There's no word on exactly which consoles yet, but those details will arrive at some point soon. What we do know is that they'll come in a bewildering range of wild colours and be available early 2013. [Mad Catz]

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    Wireless gaming house hey?

      Can't tell you how many people I've spoken to who have said 'I'm sick of my wired gaming house'

    Excellent. I have way too many controllers over here. This is a great idea.

      From the article I get the impression only the headset will work on PC and Console, everything else will only work on PC, tablets, phones, TV, etc.

    so it'll work on everything except the xbox because the xbox licence will push the price of this thing too high.. kinda like why the g25/g27 isn't compatible with xbox.. all while looking exactly like an xbox control.

    I do hope it supports xbox though, i just have little faith.

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