New Lexus AI Co-Pilot Is Smarter Than Your Honours Student

Google has some competition in the burgeoning self-driving vehicle market now that Lexus has unveiled its LIDAR-beaming LS600 hL. Lexus hopes to eliminate — not just reduce — traffic casualties with an integrated safety management system.

Millimetre wave and stereo camera to supplement the driver's ability. The A-PCS system recognizes oncoming collisions, stiffens the suspension, pre-tensions the seat belts, and even automatically applies the brakes to help mitigate the force of impact with both other vehicles and pedestrians. the system is outfitted with GPS, forward and hi-def colour cameras, as well as forward-facing and side-facing radar and a roof-mounted 360-degree LIDAR rangefinder.

At this point, the car is nothing more than a research project and will likely never reach market. However, the technical knowledge that Toyota gains from the vehicle could well find its way into future Lexus models.

The front camera and radar array.

The roof-mounted LIDAR.

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