New iPhone Apps: SeatGeek, Cruise Control, MusicPlayr

New iPhone Apps: SeatGeek, Cruise Control, MusicPlayr

Perhaps you made some New Year’s resolutions this week. Of course this is the year you’re going to keep them, just like every other year. Regardless, we’re here to help, with two exercise apps, one to help you discover new music, plus more.

SeatGeek: Make sure you’re not in the nosebleeds before you buy tickets to your next concert or sporting event. SeatGeek has interactive maps for oodles of venues, so you know what reseller has the best deal. Free.

MusicPlayr: You’ve been favoriting tracks across different sites for years, and now you can combine them into mega playlists with MusicPlayr. Pick videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and music blogs to create soundtracks, obscure or otherwise. Free.

Cruise Control: I’m incapable of running without motivating music, and CruiseControl is the perfect DJ for a jog. It adjusts songs as you go to keep you on pace and in-line with your target heart rate and time. Free.

iRun From Dogs: Speaking of exercise, maybe you’re the type who needs some kind of life or death situation to get you off the couch. This one does exactly what the name says — it simulates a wild pack of dogs chasing you so you keep those legs moving. $0.99.