New iPad Apps: WWF Together, Fridge Words

This time around, the best iPad apps of the week are all about exercising the old brain muscle. From a word game, to a calculator app, you'll be boosting your mental faculties.

MyScript Calculator: You might be horrible at maths, but that's quite alright. This is the buttonless calculator you never knew you wanted but probably can't live without. Handwrite or search basic equations, and never worry about your lack of maths know-how again. Free.

WWF Together: What's it like to be a tiger on the hunt? Check it out from the striped beast's perspective in this amazing app, which gives you in-depth stories of all kinds of endangered animals. Free.

Fridge Words: You might already have letters on your fridge at home that you constantly rearrange into words and phrases. Do the same on your iPad as you race against the clock in this new game. Free.

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