New iPad Apps: Hundreds, Wheel Of Fortune, Scribble My Story

Perhaps Santa brought you a new iPad for Christmas and you're already tired of that first round of essential apps you loaded on it. Here's a batch of new stuff to get you excited about your toy, from a classic game, to a children's app and more.

Hundreds: This is a game that requires you to be agile and think spatially. Tap moving circles to make them bigger but make sure your finger isn't on them when they bump into each other. You've got to get to 100 points before the volatile red orbs collide or you lose. $2.99.

Wheel of Fortune: You sit on your couch and yell at the contestants on Wheel of Fortune, because some of them are inept at solving puzzles. And while you might never star on the TV show, you can play it from an app that even lets you choose which era of the show you're competing in. The Vana White outfit possibilities are as endless as the wordplay. $2.99.

Scribble My Story: I'm a sucker for cute kids apps like Scribble My Story because it's all about learning and imagination. It challenges little guys to finger paint their own tales from pre-selected templates, with all kinds of sounds, stamps, and backgrounds they can use to enhance each vignette. Free.

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