New Android Apps: The Great Fusion, Fitocracy

Want to just spend the weekend melting your brain, playing games on your Android device? Great, so do we. We'll help you play to your heart's content with a classic futuristic game, one where Lego people fight fires and much more.

Fitocracy: It's January, meaning you and everyone you know has resolved to get in shape. Get rid of the flab with Fitocracy, an app that turns exercise into a game, now on Android for the first time. Free.

Lego City Fire Hose Frenzy: This is the latest in a series of Lego games. This time around, you're fighting fires. Aim water pipes at the flames, climb ladders to save people in peril, and more across 20 levels. Free.

FxGuru : Are you an amateur filmmaker? Hell, we all are thanks to smartphones. This app lets you add pro-grade special effects, like UFOs landing or a barrel of dynamite exploding to your movies to make them even better. Free.

The Great Fusion: The year is 2022 and the world has changed a lot. OK, obviously this is a game based on an old classic point-and-click title because that's only nine years away. In any case, enjoy solving puzzles and problems to help make your way in the distopian future. $1.99.

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