Neil Gaiman Reveals Why Secrets Don't Leak Out Of The Doctor Who Office

Neil Gaiman has written a Cyberman-centric episode in the upcoming series of Doctor Who, but like most things Who-related, very little is known about it. During a talk at the Sydney Writer's Festival on Friday night, Gaiman made it clear why this is so -- as well as letting slip a tiny new secret.

During the Q&A section of the evening, a question came up relating to the episode, asking very specific questions about the episode.

Gaiman pondered on this for a while before stating that:

"Steven Moffat, who is the current man behind Doctor Who...the showrunner, the impressario, the God...has trained squads of Ninja Assassins. Probably there are a couple of people in this audience tonight who are plants.If I actually got to the point of saying 'OK, I will tell you what you want to know'...something would happen. And then I would crumble. Smoking gently, probably. A mysterious black figure would exit and next be seen in Cardiff, saying 'Mission accomplished'. Steven Moffat would go 'Good. And he didn't say anything?' And the figure would say 'No'. I tell you NOTHING."

Gaiman was content to note that it's not that far away before his episode airs -- May 11 in the UK, but it's not clear here when it'll officially be screened -- but did let one tiny new secret slip out. Apparently, his Cyberman story will contain porridge.

Image: Alex Kidman


    Both Gaiman and Moffat are amazing writers. I'd recommend any of Gaiman's books, and people should definitely check out "Coupling" an earlier series that Moffat created and wrote.

      "Coupling" is an amazing clever and insightful series. In ways, it is a British "Seinfeld", demonstrating differences between the ways that our two genders think and behave. The episode with Steve trying to help pick fabrics for cushions is one of my favourites!

        I often describe Coupling as Friends meets Sex in the City with a dash of Seinfeld.
        I can't decide my favourite between Steve's monologue about Lesbian Spank Inferno and Jeff's bucket of ears.

      +1, Stardust was one of the few films that I preferred to the book though, Nevewhere was sensational.
      And Coupling was so funny I lost the ability to breath while laughing so much.

    If only Neil Gaiman had written for "Lost", it would have been a better way of explaining why obvious questions were never asked or answered.

    That was such a great night. Gaiman is a great story teller both in the written form and spoken, Alex next time wear a pink carnation so we can smile at each other in friendly acknowledgement.

      Pink carnation? Not likely.

      Now, a stick of celery on the other hand...
      (I was the guy in the Dalek Killer T-Shirt with the lady in the Tardis Dress)

        Oh yes I should have thought of that... I wore a stick of celery on my wedding day for my corsage (?) in fact I made all the groomsmen as well! Silly me!
        I must say I didn't notice you but the lovely lady in the Tardis Dress I saw here - my wife and I commented on the dress... she wants one!
        I was the guy all dressed up near the weirdo who hipster who wanted some attention (row BB) - and no I didn't know him !

    Also I am the very excited owner of the first three chapters of Gaiman's new book The Ocean at the End of the Lane... Sorry just rubbing it in to those who didn't get to the show!

    He said something similar at the Melbourne show. Except with more story!

    Of course, this curtain of secrecy didn't originate with Moffat- he inherited it from Russell T Davies, who was very assidious about keeping closed sets.

    "During the Q&A section of the evening, a question came up relating to the episode, asking very specific questions about the episode."

    The question relating to the episode actually asked no very specific questions whatsoever about the episode.

      To quote precisely:

      "Can you give us some more hints about what this may entail; design, body horror, themes, effects... and then somebody's drawn a cyberman!"

      That's not seeking specifics?

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