NBN Co Updates Deployment Maps, When Will You Get Fibre?

It's the question on the lips of every geek in the land: when will I get the National Broadband Network? NBN Co -- the folks building the network -- have today updated the coverage maps as it breaks ground in 10 new areas. So when will you get it?

NBN Co updated its coverage maps today to reflect who will get the network when, while adding 10 new suburbs to the roll-out schedule:

  • Maitland, NSW
  • Frankston, Vic
  • Footscray, Vic
  • Keysborough, Vic
  • Ashmore, Qld
  • Gawler, SA
  • Northam, WA
  • Claremont, Tas
  • South Launceston, Tas
  • Civic, ACT

Check out the coverage map to see when you'll be connected. [Lifehacker]


    I predict soon property prices will start being affected. Large swaths of NBN free areas pocketed by NBN nodes. Property prices there will get hiked. I'm definitely consdering moving to an NBN zone, my current home won't get NBN for 10 years.

      It will add all of about $150 to the value of the land...

        Lol this. It's not that big a deal.

        Apparently my area (newly developed) has NBN according to the rollout map but I dont have the NBN box outside my house on a wall or whatever.

    My tax dollars at work for others - no plans for most of Sydney's Northern Suburbs.

      I share your pain.
      Why no love for North Shore?

      That's because you have to live in a Labor voting (or marginal) area to get the NBN

        Actually, the areas that are getting the NBN first are more or less evenly balanced between Labor and Liberal electorates.

        I live in the city so while I dislike having to wait more years until I can get hooked up to the NBN I can understand why. If the Liberals had had the foresight to build an NBN they would've cabled the high population areas and then, as if by magic, there wouldn't have been any money to do the rest of Australia.

        Ah yes, conspiracy theories abound! The other bit of ignorance here is that tax dollars are paying for it. They're not.

          So who is Paying for it... afterall the NBN hardly benefits anyone outside Australia...

          From their own (NBN) web site...
          "$27.5bn Government component of the NBN is funded by debt, through the issuing of Australian Government Bonds" --- blah blah blah...

          Oh it is an investment ok right.....

          Sure thing, issuing Bonds is how the government funds everything, it is how currency is created...

          The taxes they take are their way of paying back the fiat money with hard work of every-day Australians, and to pay for the investment percentage, they issue more bonds, print more money and tell everyone that inflation is 2.6%... True, it is because they printed the money that created the inflation to pay for the debt which wasn't needed anyhow....

          Sure the NBN is paid for by "Bond investors" Just as everything else in this country is...

          Who foots the bill in the end???

          The every-day tax paying Aussie....

          Sure I know nothing... was never educated etc...

            You need to take a chill pill.

            Governments can also invest money dude, not just spend money.

            Like the private sector, you buy/create an "asset" then you aim to derive more "revenue" from that "asset" so that 2 things occur;

            1. You pay yourself back the money you spent buying/creating the "asset"
            2. The "asset" continues to derive "revenue" once you're paid back the cost

            Now get this bit cause it will blow your freakin mind!

            If the "asset" derives MORE "revenue" than the cost to buy/create and operate you make this stuff called "profit".

            Now believe it or not Australian Governments have actually successfully done this in a number of areas (gambling, telecommunications and electricity sping to mind.)

            Ask the previous Federal Liberal Government how they funded many of their budget surpluses... That's right, they sold profitable assets. You think people bought Telstra shares because they wanted to pay more tax?

            My advice is to take a deep breath and read up a little on the true debate surrounding the NBN.

            And the dude is right... Tax dollars are not paying for the NBN. Debt is.

            The objective behind issuing bonds is the return on the NBN will be higher than the cost of debt. So it could, in theory, MAKE money for the every-day tax paying Aussie.

              "In theory" being the operative word. OTOH, when the government invests a few hundred million a year in the auto industry, the benefits are directly calculable and the "profits" stratospheric - about $5billion a year or around 1000% p.a. How much interest will the government pay on loans before it sees a cent in profit on it's NBN investment? You can bet your bottom dollar that by the time it returns anything to government coffers, it will be well and truly outdated.

                Please explain how it will possibly be 'outdated'?
                That has to be the worst argument there is...there's no scientific basis for a NBN beater...or are you hoping for some marvellous pie n the sky miracle? Better not fix the pacific highway because by the time it's done it will be outdated.... Ridiculous. If they can afford it the entire world either has an NBN or is putting one in.

                ? The NBN has also loaned enough money to cover interest so not even the interest comes from the budget. The NBN is already turning higher numbers than what is in the business case so it should make a nice profit.

            I thought the governments share was coming from the future fund...you know that government fund that explicitly set up to invest and thus make a return to pay for future super payments....seems like its doing its job then.

        Really? I live in a traditionally labor, currently marginal, area, and there's no hope for me with NBN for some time.

        Idiot troll is idiot

        You actually have to live in the middle of nowhere to get priority.

        It makes a nice change for the people who live in these places at least.

          I agree, some country folks still have dial-up speeds or no internet at all.

        No so. I live in Albury, in (one of the most conservative Liberal electorates in the country) and NBN starts construction here at the end of the year.

          And I live in oakshotts and we will never see it as our phone system is such a mess it's seen as too hard (ie not cost effective at the front end we they need to show results and start making a return) I think you will find the spread around all electorates is reasonably close to the parliament numbers....so therefore not biased.

      Tax dollars? The NBN is off budget. I share your pain though, this article got me all excited and what does SA get? Just Gawler pffft.

        "Congress withdrew funding, so we funded it from other sources (off budget)"

        Yep, that is because they have a "Business Plan" which claims that it will run at a massive Profit...

        Um they had another telco that did that previously.. It is called Telstra (and still runs at a decent profit...)....

        idiot Governments....

          Not so silly if you believe copper networks are dying. Sell an asset at its peak.

      Oh' poor old North Shores.........

      Meanwhile, where I am, NO ADSL and I can't get the interim NBN Satellite connection because I'm in an area covered by BigPond Wireless @ $99/Month for 15gig, which drops out when the weather changes and can't be accessed without putting up an illegal Yagi.

      Motormouth running his mouth on stuff he knows little about, again.

    June 2013 construction is meant to start in my suburb, last construction to commence december.

    Bugger - I thought our construction was going to start in December 2012, but we missed out by a few blocks... Looks like 12 months more.

    Yay construction started last month here... and here I am having just signed a contract with Ace Internet 2 months ago.

    WOOHOO!! I am on the list. But then I have 100mb cable from Optus so have to see what plans are like to make the move.

    Looks like I'm still in the "You're in a safe electoral seat. You don't matter to us" category.

    I have to wait 10 more years for NBN to come to my suburb. :/

    Yay for the Redlands in Queensland. No plans within the next 3 years. Instead they do Logan and Ipswich first... right.

      Even worse if you're on the islands. It's funny to see the surrounding areas get hooked up with this big blank patch all over Redland City and Wynnum.

        We were advised by NBNCo (as an engineer for Vodafone) that Redlands City and the outlying islands were originally chosen to be an NBNCo test bed because there are so many Telstra Velocity Estates already in the area.

        However due to the limited space in the exchanges, the poor conditions of the surrounding cables and the poor conditions of most exchanges, it was decided against; we understand it was due to the fact that they'd have to rebuild most of the exchanges because they're so old.

        This was while we were setting up new equipment in Mount Cotton, Redland Bay, Capalaba and Thornlands in 2011.

    Damn it! I'm laying my own fibre to the nearest node...

    Construction to commence within one year - we will commence construction in your area from Nov 2012 in phases with last construction scheduled to commence in May 2013.

    They said it would be completed before the end of 2012 in 2011, looks like they'll keep pushing us back :/

    Looks like when I need to look for places in a few months Brunswick will be top of my list.

    Such a voting tool...
    A quick look at Sydney shows all of the more expensive eastern suburbs are either 3 years away from construction or not even covered on the map,
    The whole NBN is a clusterf-ck that continues to get delayed with deadlines being pushed and cost blowing out.
    Hi Telstra 100MBit Cable, how you doin?

      Well there is no alternative to the NBN, be grateful that this is happening.

      Well, enjoy your Telstra 100Mb Cable. Meanwhile, I'll be here in Brisbane with no access to any cable of any kind. Five kilometres from the nearest exchange.

    Safe Liberal seat = not going to ever get it. Thanks Canberra, democracy at work... or was it communism... I forget.

    Squeeky wheel gets the oil, unless you bitch on the internet. Talk to your local MP, it may not lead to anything but at least you'd be making an effort. The ignorance of some people is amazing. Oh no's, I want the NBN over my ADSL2/+/Cable. If your stuck on a RIM or dial up and live major or reigonal hub, and still don't have a number for when you might get the NBN, again talk to your local MP.

      This is the annoying thing, some people whinging that the NBN won't get to them for a few years, despite that they have a 5mbps connection or better, yet there are some people who can only get dial-up or similar speeds.

      This is about a NATIONAL Broadband Network, I personally think that bringing fast and stable connections to the regional areas is a great idea, While I would love fibre, I can live with my 6mbps connection for a while longer. It pretty much meets most of my needs (downloading games from steam would be nice if faster....)

    Im right next door a "Construction to commence within one year" area. In fact, Im surrounded by them. *Sigh*

    my suburb isnt even listed...guess my 20mbps ADSL2+ will have to do for now :(

      That's a real shame. I'll try to feel sorry for you when my <150kbps connection finishes loading.

      Last edited 11/03/16 1:04 am

    Gawler? GALWER?! No one lives in you Gawler, you don't even need internet.

    My electorate switched from a labor seat to liberal at the last election.. strangely there is a big gap around it, with everyone else surrounding "coming in 3 years". Co-incidence?

      Yes. It is. Quit with the conspiracy theories....they made these plans ages ago..they are based on bang for the buck and to spread work around the country.

    well we dont have a listing, but dont worry, its comming.
    so i guess thats sometime after i give up waiting.

    Where I live is surrounded by area's getting it.

    Now, looking at that, does that mean my area will not get it for at least more than 3 years?

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