Natural Tilt-Shift Effect Turns This Warship Into A Tiny Model

I love this photo of the USS John C. Stennis nuclear supercarrier. It looks like a tiny model thanks to the F-18's exhaust fumes, which distort the air above part of the deck and turns the image into a bit of a tilt-shift photo.

Tilt-shift photography works by applying selective focus to an image, either by tilting the lenses or using a digital filter. The fuzziness of some parts of the image fools our brain, making us focus on other parts and giving the illusion of a miniature. In this case, the tilt-shiftish effect is caused by the exhaust fumes of the F-18 taking off, making the ship, crew and aeroplanes look like a model.

However, it is the Stennis, the seventh of the US Navy's Nimitz-class nuclear supercarriers, which are still the largest warships ever built at 333m long and a displacement of 100,000 tons. She is now serving on the US 5th Fleet area of responsibility, under the Operation Enduring Freedom.

Picture: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth Abbate/US Navy


    Nope. Definitely looks like a full size aircraft carrier to me.

      I can see what he means, the deck does look kind of tilt-shifty. If you focus on the island it doesn't at all, though.

    "Enduring Freedom" Ha!
    The US is a fantastic country, but that's like silly Big Brother doublespeak. Their military/political people who come up with those names are cretins.

    Looking at the people on the deck through the exhaust cloud it does look like a model. Not other parts of it though.

    compare this giz pic to some of these. not quite in the same league i think

    Really? Tilt-shift? not in that picture for sure.

    the crew on the deck maybe but thats about it

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