Movies Really Hate Maths

If you were judging maths by how Hollywood movies describe it, you'd wonder why it even exists. Like Nazis and dogfighting, maths is universally hated. Just look at this supercut of movies talking about maths. Nobody even wants to bother with two plus two!

Who really likes maths! It can do awesome things! I swear. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]


    I don't know...this is all just some kind of trick to get kids into a math class.

    Sure you get awesome stuff like a string forms when you divide x by y where y is always larger than x the output is zero remainder x but you know, math is a limit - not a solution.

    Here's where we rag on the yanks about leaving out the 's'.

      It's worse when I here Australians say it, sounds so stupid.

        Where? Here? :p

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          Hear, sorry hahaha

      But the scene from inception, Tom Hardy refreshingly says "Maths"

    I don't get it. Three quarters of the video was people saying they were failing math. I heard maybe 6 comments about "hating math"... This is one of the worst "compilation cuts" I've seen.
    And they are usually pretty bad.

    If engineers wrote film scripts, I'm sure the trope would be different. Instead it would be all about how badly they hate English, art classes, history and drama.

      you're probably right, but engineers are usually to busy doing real work to bother writing scripts... besides which... the movie would be awful!

        I've always wondered why there's no TV show about engineers.
        We get cop shows, lawyer shows, doctor/nurse shows, teachers (normally as part of schools), but as a profession engineers are hugely underrepresented in TV! I don't think i even recall an engineer being in a character in a TV show.

        EDIT - we are hugely over represented in docos.

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