Movie Posters Should Totally Spoil The Plot, Right?

Movie posters should be less cliched and more spoiler-y. I don't want to see scantily clad actresses from behind (yes I do), I want to know what's gonna happen in the movie! Like these posters made by designer Matteo Civaschi. They're like movie hieroglyphics — you can actually decipher what the movie is going to be about.

Civaschi thought it would be fun to squeeze the plot of multiple movies into a few hieroglyphic-like icons. Yes, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was just to destroy that dumb thing. E.T. just involved phones and bike riding bookended by UFOs. My favourite movie poster of his might be The Matrix though. Why the hell would anyone pick the red pill!

[My Modern Met via Neatorama]

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