Movie Posters Love To Show A Man Standing Alone Looking At Something

If you feel like most movies that come out are cookie cutter versions of movies that already came out, you're not alone. Sometimes Hollywood doesn't even try to change anything. Just take a look at the latest movie poster design cliche: the lone-standing hero looking at destruction/buildings/destroyed buildings with his back turned to us.

If you can think of other movies that abuse this design, show us more of this movie poster cliche below. And don't forget Hollywood's other tricks like tiny people on a beach with giant heads in the clouds and showing off an actress from behind. [Live for Films via TDW]


    Oh the irony, Gizmodo complaining about being unoriginal and "cookie cutter" when so many articles are just abridged or rehashed versions of other's articles/comics/news

      Oh, are you not satisfied with this thing you're getting for free? Many apologies to you and your family.

        The issue isn't my satisfaction but a critique of another's irony. Nice try though

          Most news websites are just sharing stories written by others - even newspapers do this. You may notice that when Giz shares a story, they put a little link at the bottom letting you know where the info comes from - it's called referencing.


    Oh I'm sorry did you hear something?

    They're all variations of Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog by Caspar David Fredrick:

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    This is so relevant, also about movie posters being the same.

    here's a few more

    Raid redemption (the first in the second row) is an Indonesian movie.

    But where's the Batman in TDKR's poster? Oh wait, he's Batman. He's there but you can't see him. Silly question. :P

    Same goes for games...The idea of a man standing alone....
    - Battlefield 3
    - BlackOps 2
    - Modern Warfare 3
    - AC 3
    - Infamous

    The list goes on....

    Why should we care if they look alike? I don't see what the big deal is. Next you'll be complaining that martial art films always have someone punching or kicking? "So unoriginal! Fight with your toes and eye lids!"

    Time to get over yourself. There is more to life than these inane bloated opinions.

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