Mouldable Sanding Blocks Are The Perfect Shape For Any Abrasion

Sanding blocks are fantastic labour-savers, but if you're sanding ornate carvings, the sandpaper typically has to mould to your fingertips. Taking the idea of a malleable foam sanding block to the next level, these Sandables are made from a mouldable material so they can be reshaped to conform to any angle or curve.

All it takes is three minutes in the microwave, or a little warmth from a heat gun, to soften them up so they can be moulded into whatever shape you need to sand. Once cooled, they become stiff and permanently hold their shape so they can be used for even the most rigorous tasks. There's no word on when Quirky will be putting them into production, or how much they'll sell for, but the material used will come in three different grits for various levels of finish.

[Quirky via Notcot]

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