Moog Sub Phatty: Twisted, Filthy, Gorgeous Bass

Moog Sub Phatty: Twisted, Filthy, Gorgeous Bass

Moog synthesisers are legendary for their pure bubbling sound. Moog has been teasing its new Sub Phatty for a few weeks, and now it’s finally official. Meet the new obscene sound of the bassline.

You might say the Moog lineup didn’t need a low-frequency evolution — the existing Little Phatty is already capable of some bone shaking bass. But take a listen to this sound sample. We’re dealing with a different beast altogether:

That gritty, dense sound is different than anything we’ve ever heard straight out of a Moog keyboard synth before. (Last year’s Moog Minotaur Bass Synth, had some durrrrrrrty sound, too, but no keys.) The new sound comes from what Moog calls a “Multidrive” section which pushes the low-frequency settings out past what previous synths were capable of, giving the sound that delicious, robust resonance on the bottom end.

As for the monophonic synth’s layout, it has 25 keys, four different sound sources (2 standard oscillators, a sub oscillator, and a noise generator), 31 knobs to dial in your sound, as well as your standard pitch bend and modulation rockers. And, of course, there’s MIDI I/O in case Moog’s substantial on board analogue offering isn’t good enough for you.

Moog’s accepting pre-orders for the Sub Phatty now, and it’s expected to ship in March. It costs $US1100, which while not exactly cheap, is a bargain for what looks to be a precision analogue instrument of the highest (lowest?) calibre.