Monster Is Making Gaming Headphones For EA Sports

Monster, after having tried to replace Dr Dre with anything they could think of last year, is now trying its hand at making gaming headphones. Called MVP Carbon, Monster teamed up with EA Sports to create a giant Monster made headset complete with a microphone.

Monster also introduced a slimmer version of their Inspiration headphones, not so creatively called Inspiration Lite. They're customisable — Monster showed off head straps with spikes and balls and feathers and wavy runway fabric — and will retail for $US250. Unlike the full sized Inspiration headphones, the Inspiration Lite won't be noise cancelling.

Monster is also rebranding its sports headphones. You won't see Lance Armstrong or Livestrong anymore (oof), instead, NFL quarterback will be the new face of the iSport headphones.

Other than that, what's new with Monster is what's been true with Monster since they partnered with Dr Dre for the Beats way back when. Celebrity endorsed headphones (Nick Cannon, Tyson Beckford), lots of different colour and style options, and huge partnerships (UFC, Viacom). It's not just about how good the headphones sound, it's about how cool they make you look too.

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