Modern Coffee Table Doubles As Barbie's Dreamhouse Or GI Joe's HQ

To kids, living room furniture already doubles as everything from fortresses, to mountains. to mansions for their action figures and dolls. But designer Amy Whitworth has completely embraced the idea of multi-function furniture with this gorgeous modern Qubis Haus coffee table that easily transforms into everything from a dollhouse to a secret underground bunker thanks to sliding plastic panels.

At almost $US640 it's considerably more expensive than even the most elaborate playsets you'll find at Toys 'R' Us these days, but this piece has the distinct advantage that it never has to be put away. Just clear away a few toys when company visits and your guests will be none the wiser that your solid birch living room centrepiece was recently ground zero for a deadly invasion led by Cobra Commander.

[Qubis Design via Notcot]

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