Microsoft Acquisition Will Help The Xbox Win Your Living Room

Microsoft just bought R2 Studios, a company that >Apple and Google were both after, to help the Xbox continue its assault on living rooms across the world. R2 Studios, which was founded by Blake Krikorian (the guy who also made the Slingbox), apparently "works on" technology related to distributing and displaying digital media on televisions.

Basically, it's more of Microsoft seeing the Xbox as a set top box as opposed to just a gaming device. [WSJ]


    Add the ability to put XBMC on it and we'll talk.

      Agree, plus native .mkv playback.

        Native MKV playback isn't working right now, but I just installed the PS3 media server on my PC and it seems to serve up mkvs to my xbox perfectly fine, including subtites that work fine, and lacking the ability to pause, resume, fast forward, display information or rewind.

          I recommend you try Plex. I had been using PS3MS up until a few months ago and was getting annoyed at protocol errors when trying to fast forward, rewind or scene select. I stopped encountering these errors after the switch to Plex. I also love the built-in Subtitle and Metadata scanners for your library. However my library is most 720p, I can't say anything about the quality and experience you'll have when streaming/transcoding 1080p.

    To me, the obvious thing would be Windows hardware rather than Xbox hardware... but whatever. Would have preferred this tech go to Apple, Google, Sony or Samsung.

      Agreed - assuming this will be moved under XBox branding is short sited. More likely MS will be looking to expand the media to TV that has already progressed from straight cable to DLNA and now surface integration. Microsoft wants to own the lounge room. So yes I'd expect the next XBox to utilise all this stuff - but I would expect it to be secondary to what we'll get from the more common laptops, tablets and phones.

    What if the next Xbox runs WindowsRT? We already have Xbox Music, Xbox Live and Xbox Video on non-Xbox devices. If Xbox 720 runs WinRT, everything it can do will be super-easy to offer on MS' other platforms and R2's work will be stretched that much further.

      Well put - Gets me keen just thinking about the possibilities.

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