Mercedes-Benz's New Cars Will Recognise Street Signs You Miss

If the screams from pedestrians and the angry looks from oncoming drivers don't provide enough clues that you've accidentally turned onto a one-way street, maybe it's time you bought a Mercedes-Benz. Wait, what? The company's upcoming vehicles will include an updated safety system that's able to autonomously recognise no-entry signs and warn the driver of a wrong turn.

Using a windshield mounted camera that the system already relies on to keep track of speed limits, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and E-Class will automatically recognise no-entry warning signs. Most of the time they're ignored, but if the driver attempts to pass the sign and pull onto a one-way street, an audible alarm will sound and a visual warning will appear on the dashboard. For improved accuracy, the safety system also compares the camera data with the vehicle's satnav street database, particularly when visibility's reduced during a storm and there's a greater risk of false positives. [Daimler via Gizmag]

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