McGraw-Hill's SmartBooks: Digital Textbooks With Built-In Drill Sergeants

When textbooks were actually books, they were good for flattening posters and bringing monitors to eye level. Now their ebook personas may really force you to learn. Grim, I know.

Textbook publishing behemoth McGraw-Hill is producing a series of adaptive e-textbooks in 90 subject areas. Targeted at university-level classes, the SmartBooks quiz students as they read to establish learning style and retention and then present the material differently based on how the student is doing.

Starting at $US20, the SmartBooks will be available this spring as part of a McGraw-Hill suite of adaptive and interactive learning tools called LearnSmart Advantage.

No word on platform availability, but since McGraw-Hill has already partnered with Apple for other e-textbooks, iDevices seem like a reasonable bet.


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