Mars Is Actually White

If you thought Mars was red, think again. When Curiosity gave the planet a New Year's clean, she removed some of the red dust which covers the surface of the planet — and what lurks beneath is white.

Her appropriately named Dust Removal Tool — kind of like a motorised wire brush — cleaned a spot of the planet for analysis. It revealed a little patch of rock — now known as Ekwir_1 — in the Yellowknife Bay area of Mars' Gale Crater. Turns out under all that red dust, it's actually kinda pale. [NASA via Popular Science]


    Martian skull.

    I'm callin' it.

      Old mate was walking down the road with his pet snake, and a flower for his girlfriend

    It was never red. It's brown!

      I'd say more 'Step-Mother of Pearl'..

    Reminds me a lot of the Australian Outback. Red dirt from Iron Oxide, evidence of once flowing liquid..... Rocks....

      So they faked the Moon landings in Nevada and the Mars landings in Australia?

        You've got that the wrong way round. Why do you think it takes so long to get anywhere from Australia? We're really on Mars. We've been conned into thinking we're on Earth for centuries!

    We'll be on Mars within a decade now that the secret is out. There is minable material on Mars. Now we just have to life Gina Reinhardt in orbit...

    Where was that Saturn five we had squared away?

      you'll need something bigger than that mate ;)

        Gives true meaning to 'Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle'.

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