Mars Colonists Wanted -- Apply Here

Want to be a space pioneer? Not much tying you to planet Earth? Apply today and blast off for Mars! Yes, you really could be one of the first humans to set foot on the Red Planet, as Mars One is genuinely looking for new astronauts, and anyone anywhere can apply.

The non-profit Netherlands-based Mars One is seeking a legion of applicants; anyone who fits the pretty basic requirements is wanted. The idea is that it'll begin the selection process in the first half of this year, with contestants potential astronauts whittled down into at least six teams of four, through a combination of votes from ‘a global televised programme' and a team of experts. Big Brother with a purpose then, basically. Entrants will need:

"A deep sense of purpose, willingness to build and maintain healthy relationships, the capacity for self-reflection and ability to trust. They must be resilient, adaptable, curious, creative and resourceful."

Of course, this is a one-way trip, so you'll also need either a deep loathing of Earth, or have nothing to live for here. After at least eight years of training, only one of the six teams will make it, blasting off from our humble rock towards the Red Planet in September 2022. Subsequent four-man teams will be sent at two-year intervals to join the deep-space survivors.

The interesting thing is that apparently Mars One will start hurling equipment, supplies and rovers to Mars in 2016, so I guess we'll see whether the whole plan really comes together then. If a one-way trip to Mars sounds like your bag, click here for details. [Mars One via Wired]

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    Can I nominate someone I'd like to be sent to Mars...?

      Would your nomination be for Julia Gillard? Mine would.

        I'd start with Gillard, Abott, QLD's LNP front-benchers, and the Republican members of the US House and Congress.

        Come to think of it, we may need a bigger planet to send them to.

        Jupiter mission, anyone?

        Last edited 10/01/13 8:58 am

          Nooo... I want to visit one day and I'm not going anywhere with that lot in the gene pool.. :)

          You're probably better off sending them to the Sun.

        Your political preferences = nobody cares

        Technology website =/= Talkback radio

    i couldn't do it, i mean i love space travel i've dreamed of going to mars since i was born but one way trip isn't for me id miss trees, fresh air, water, the mountains and most of all grass....perhaps when they open a tourist resort

      There is fresh air on Mars, Cohaagen is just keeping it from us.

        Literally laughing out loud right now. Roommates looking at me weird.

        I wouldn't want to live there anyway. Wouldn't mind visiting though, maybe for a fortnight or so...

      Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor by involving the whole world as the audience of an interactive, televised broadcast of every aspect of this mission, from launch to landing to living on Mars.

      Yeah... I don't think it's going to work

    I will only go with, if the company is either owned by someone named Vilos Cohagen or Weyland Yutani, and when we ask questions, we get the standard reply: Don't ask!

      Lets do it, lets move to mars!

        Forget mars. Lets go to Saturn. Don't you wanna see Saturn?

          Personally I'd rather see Uranus.

            LOL Inevitable.

              Inevitable that he will see it? lol

                6 hours and still to promise, slow to deliver. I'll give you the beneift of the doubt and assume that you're travelling at a high fraction of light speed and Einstein's time dilation effect is kicking in, but still, I'll only wait another 37 years, OK?

                  I feel I should post the goatse image after all this.. but maybe I shouldn't

                  If you're reeeely a doctor an x-ray, ulstrasound or MRI would be acceptable.

    You would WANT to develop a deep relationship with someone on your team to ensure you don't feel a need to meet someone else, raise a family or do anything long term over the 9 years before the launch. What can possibly happen in 9 years anyway :P

    As long as Blizzard had a server there, with a lightspeed link back to Earth, I'd totally go.
    "so like, sorry guys my latency is a bit high today.. I'm playing from MARS!"

      Mars will have Blizzard servers before Australia. FACT.

    Stuck on a lifeless, barren planet for the rest of your life, where you can't even breath the air... yeah sounds amazing, sign me up.

      I'm from Canberra, so a trip to a lifeless, barren place will be a step up.

        Bwahahaha! You win today's Internet!

    If I were single this very second I'd be applying.

    They don't mention anything about establishing an atmosphere processor or terra-forming!

    I love that in my lifetime I've seen a serious, legitimate post about sending people to another planet. And NASA's working on a warp drive! Exciting times indeed.

    sounds a lot like that fake space flight tv show scam from a couple of years ago called starwalker...even giz did a story on it -

    Last edited 11/01/13 5:44 pm

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