Mailbox: Sign Up For The Impending Email Revolution

If you follow any number of Silicon Valley insiders on Twitter, you might have seen them blathering on about a new email app called Mailbox for iPhone. Mailbox is an interesting take on the inbox. It forces new user behaviour, which might not necessarily be a bad thing but having used it over the last few days I can ensure you that change is not easy.

Nevertheless, it's been a popular must-have and now you can reserve a spot in line to get the free app when it launches in "a few weeks". Want it? Sign up here. You'll then be sent an SMS with your reservation number, as well as a code, which you'll need to claim your spot in line when the app is ready to roll. Your spot in line will look something like this:

Mailbox only works with the iPhone and Gmail/Google accounts at the moment. Support for other devices and services will become available sometime in the future or maybe never. For now, Mailbox will be free, but the company says it will offer premium features a la Evernote and Dropbox at some point.




    Here's hoping they make an Android app as well, looks good.

    Won't let me sign up with an Australian number :(

    Before you enter your number it does advise you "If outside of the US, please begin your number with a + SMS rates may apply. We will never spam or share your number."

    I just entered +61 and then my number minus the 0.

    Try that @heytom

      That's what I did, but it wouldn't work. It does say that the servers could be under heavy load... I'll try again later I guess.

    I am distinctly unimpressed. What's so great about this app? What am I missing?

      Yeah I had a look at the about page on their site, and there isn't anything that I would call a revolution in there

        What are you working on that's more revolutionary?

          Is there a requirement that I have to be working on something revolutionary in order to claim that something isn't revolutionary?

          Looking at the about page I see these as the main points for this app (as they are the only points on there)

          Swiping to delete or archive emails - This is not a revolution in email as it has nothing to do with the email side of it, it is an interface improvement.

          "Modern Tech" cloud related stuff - I never realized that email was so slow that it needed a whole cloud computing setup to make it usable, maybe thats because emails are delivered in a matter of seconds (if not faster) using the current systems in place. This is just trying to apply the current buzzword of the industry (the cloud!!!!!) to something thats really not an issue.

          The snoozing emails idea has some merit but I wouldn't claim it as a revolution. At best I would say its a great idea for an email client

          Inbox Zero - Why do people have so many issues with this? more importantly why is it such an issue in the first place. When you read an email you either delete it or move it somewhere for archiving, and thats it, Inbox Zero is not only simple to do already, but is really not all that important in my opinion

          And thats it, and this is whats being claimed as a "revolution", which the most appropriate definition of the word "a sudden, complete or marked change in something", really does not apply.

          As for me working on something thats more revolutionary? I really don't see the need to as current email systems seem to work just fine the way they are.

      I think it's probably one of those things where they tell us as little as possible to make it more appealing.

      The most annoying thing is that technique works!

    ....So it's a mail client that has shortcuts for "productivity" with things like "read", "delete" and "do something later" with swipes? That's what I'm getting from the video...

    It seems to be subscribing to the "inbox zero" crowd who think that shoving things aside until later = productive.

      That also confuses me, this procrastination = productivity or "out of sight out of mind" way of dealing with emails....

      With my work emails if it's read then its actioned, if its unread then it requires action.

        Yep - if you haven't done work on it yet or haven't responded, leave it in the inbox so it's there as a reminder to do something. Once you've responded or done the work, THEN move it to another folder (and not some vague "tick", "cross" or "clock" folder)

          That's fine if all the actions from your emails take less than a few minutes. Read, action, done.

          But if the activity is going to take some time then you need to schedule it in, push it off for a few hours/days/weeks or give it to someone else, or whatever.

          Everyone's workflow is different, the 'move it to another time' approach works for me - otherwise all I will do is respond to low-priority emails all day long and never touch my real/important work.

      100% agree with you. It amazes me that some people can stick their head in the sand and pretend something doesn't exist because they can't see it.

    Oh, the irony that it only hooks up with Gmail/Google, but no Android support.

      They'll make myriads more money on iOS and you know it.

    Hmm, the interesting thing is that the entire concept looks like someone is porting the Microsoft Email client for Windows Phone to the iPhone.

    So sad that they think this is a revolution. The revolution was started about 3 years ago in Redmond if true.

    Sigh, MS ahead but no-one even nods in their direction that they did something fantastic

    I just got my SMS, thought it was SPAM (cause I signed up AGES ago!)
    Deleted it...

    I don't get at all what this does.

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