Lucasfilm Kills 3D Star Wars Re-Releases

What's worse than the Star Wars prequels? The Star Wars prequels ram-rodded in your face with an extra dimension. Lucasfilm was planning on subjecting idiots with loose wallets to re-released 3D Young Anakin, but Disney says no more bulls**t.

Deadline reports that Lucasfilm will pass on distributing the other five Star Wars flicks after The Phantom Menace completely bombed in 3D, to the surprise of no one except perhaps George Lucas and the Nazi scientist who invented 3D movies. Instead, Disney wants complete focus on the J.J. Abrams reboots — an absolutely smart move, even if those new sequels will themselves probably be filmed in 3D. If there's going to be 3D crap, let there be the smallest about of 3D crap possible.

But when was the last time we heard of Lucasfilm doing something non-grotesque? When was the last time anyone even associated with Star Wars owned up to failure? I can't remember. Maybe Disney will take the time to realise how much of a dumb fad 3D cinema is by 2015 — or maybe by then it'll be too obvious to ignore. I don't want to watch the most important three moments of my adult life with glasses on. [Deadline]

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