Long-Life Emergency Phone Now Has Audio Feedback And Location Data

If you've kept a SpareOne mobile phone in your car for emergencies since Xpal announced it at CES last year, congratulations! You still have 14 years of power left on that one AA Energizer battery.

For those late to the party, they can consider this year's upgraded model, SpareOnePlus, which still comes with a waterproof bag. But it adds, according to Engadget, location-based data that can be beamed to any smartphone, useful for general creeping or actual tracking in case of an emergency.

SpareOnePlus, which should be available in the next few months, also includes audio feedback so you know what number is calling or what digits you've entered. The price is $US100, up from $US50 at CES 2012, which seems kind of weird since there's still no screen or improved durability on the handset itself. On the other hand, you can feel better about your personal safety without even looking at the thing for 15 years. [Spare One via Engadget]

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