Liquid-Proofing Your Phone Is About To Get Way Easier

We tested Liquipel a little while back and were fairly impressed with how it actually protected your device from spills into the drink. The only chore about it is that you have to get your phone physically sent away so you can have it treated. Liquipel finally realised that, and now it's going to make it a whole bunch easier to get your phone watertight.

Liquipel will soon start shipping something it's calling a Liquipod to any retailer that wants one. That means that feasibly in future you can go down to your local Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi or other retailer that chooses to buy one and get your phone waterproofed in an hour.

We don't yet know if any retailer in Australia has bought one, but here's hoping a big chain jumps on board soon. No more dead drenched gadgets!

Check out our test of Liquipel.



    Liquipel is available on pre treated devices from fone zone & next byte stores, so no need to send your device away just buy one that already has liquipel

    I just encased my phone in amber. Works a treat.

      Huh! I just used cling wrap.

      Seriously though, I go riding alot, and if there's even a chance of rain, I put my phone into a clipseal lunch bag. The touch screen will still work, you can make and recieve calls in bag, and waddya know? It's waterproof too!

        I use glad sandwich bags . I run a lot and and use my phone to track my runs ,so when it's raining I just pop my phone in a sandwich bag and off I go. The touch screen works perfectly too.

        Yep, I do the same with a cliplock Glad sandwich bag when I jog in the rain. Cost - about 1 cent. Added bonus - it floats if you leave a little air in it before you seal it and you're on a boat. Liquipel - expensive junk for modern suckers.

          I'm on the glad wagon too, I cycle with it, rain, sweat etc don't bother me, a big plus is that when I take a call they can hear me just fine but the wind noise for the other end is virtually non-existent.

    This stuff is only just now getting to market ?
    Seems like Liquipel and Neverwet have been doing this product for years ......

    BEWARE - Liquipel doesn't work according to Choice - they tested a number of ipads/ iphones etc and they all died. The company is now being investigated for fraudulent advertising.

    Was at a phone shop last week and overheard a guy with a liquipel treated phone that died from water contact, so maybe it works for a short while, then wears off?

    The sales strategy sounds just like 'paint protection' that car salespeople try to flog when you buy a new car. Ditto with the sandwich bag thing for me too.

    So why are Gizmodo always giving publicity to this complete garbage? Somebody getting a kickback?

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