Liquid-Proofing Your Phone Is About To Get Way Easier

We tested Liquipel a little while back and were fairly impressed with how it actually protected your device from spills into the drink. The only chore about it is that you have to get your phone physically sent away so you can have it treated. Liquipel finally realised that, and now it's going to make it a whole bunch easier to get your phone watertight.

Liquipel will soon start shipping something it's calling a Liquipod to any retailer that wants one. That means that feasibly in future you can go down to your local Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi or other retailer that chooses to buy one and get your phone waterproofed in an hour.

We don't yet know if any retailer in Australia has bought one, but here's hoping a big chain jumps on board soon. No more dead drenched gadgets!

Check out our test of Liquipel.

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