LG Smart Activity Tracker: A Mashup Of Every Wearable Gadget

LG's Smart Activity Watch is FuelBand look-alike — there's no denying it. And, yes, there are already a lot of new wearable fitness trackers. Well, LG crams the features of all of its competitors into one. And by the time it comes out around June, the watch might add something everybody wants: a heart rate monitor.

The Smart Activity Tracker uses an accelerometer and GPS to measure your activity, and because it uses GPS it can tell how fast you're moving so it knows if you're running or walking or sitting at your desk. You can sync the date back to your phone, where a robust app displays your metrics. LG plans to add a heart-rate monitor, but hasn't promised it because it hasn't quite nailed measuring pulse of a wrist.

But! Unlike other wearables, this fitness tracker talks back to your phone to tell you about incoming text messages and phone calls. Also, this tracker has a touchscreen so you can swipe through different types of information on it instead of the button on the FuelBand. Even more, the little gadget syncs with the exercise apps on LG's connected TVs so that you can see how many calories you're burning while you dance off the pounds.

We couldn't play with the tracker because the hardware on display at CES isn't final, but if LG can pull of the mashup, this thing will be incredible. LG says it hopes to have the Smart Activity Tracker ready for mid 2013. There is no word on what it will cost.

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