LG Probably Had The Best CES Booth With This Awesome Cinema Scape

CES 2013 was undoubtedly about big screens. 110-inch, 4K, OLED, 3D, lenticular, smart, self-aware: we saw it all. Each manufacturer showed off its CES 2013 wares in a booth on the show floor. LG's booth had what I'm calling the best gimmick of CES 2013: an installation of 122 Cinema 3D screens pumping out the best sights and sounds you've ever seen.

LG pushed out the images in 3D, so you don't get the full experience watching our video, but hopefully it goes some way to showing you just how incredible it was.

122-screens were multiplexed together and curved around a one giant wall of LG's CES booth and scenes from the cosmos right through to a library and a street scene were looped using Cinema Smart technology.

I want a room full of these TVs so I can create my own holodeck. That would be amazing.

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