LG Curved 3D OLED Hands-On: An IMAX For Your House

LG Curved 3D OLED Hands-On: An IMAX For Your House
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LG just made the first curved 3D OLED screen. I just saw a crazy setup of three 55-inch beauties aligned side-by-side into a perfect cinematic curve. The effect is very dramatic. This could be the whole reason 3D and curved OLED exist.

As we saw with the huge curved OLED that Samsung showed us earlier today, these wavy displays are basically made for watching epic and atmospheric content. That’s true with LGs OLED with 2D content and when you throw on a pair of shades and watch 3D content like planets in space and weird intergalactic flying jewels, you get sucked in.

The content doesn’t pop out at you the way some people imagine 3D. Rather, the curved panel pulls you in, and when all three are lined up creating a mega curved OLED the effect is even more intense.

And of course there are no plans to sell these things yet, but we can all ready of setting up some real home theatres one day.