Lenovo's Yoga 11 Is Now A Real Ultrabook

We like Lenovo's Yoga a lot, but until now, the 11-inch version was stuck with Windows RT, instead of full Windows 8. That's fine, more or less, but everyone who wanted the total package at 11-inches was pretty let down. Now, though, the 11-inch is getting the full Intel i-Series treatment.

The 11-inch can be configured to 8Gb of memory, a 256GB SSD, and up to an i7. Otherwise, it's the exact same hardware as the original 11-inch Yoga. That means a slightly smaller keyboard (with slightly less travel distance), and the 360-degree hinge.

The main difference is the body has an almost silky/nylon finish to it, instead of the more rubberised finish of the other Yogas. Lenovo claims this gives it more of a premium finish, but it felt sort of kitschy. It'll come in silver and orange when it makes its way to the US in June — you'll still have to import it if you're in Australia — and starts at $US800.

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