LaCie's 5big Thunderbolt RAID Puts 20 Terabytes On Your Desk

Last year LaCie showed up to the Thunderbolt party with its 2big RAIDs that promised capacities of up to eight terabytes. A number we all foolishly oohed and awed at not realising how pitiful it would sound compared to the company's new 5big RAID that tops out at 20 terabytes and speeds of up to 785MB/s.

Targeted at editors who need to cut multiple 2K 10-bit uncompressed video streams, the 5big will probably be just as useful to serious file sharers who need a central place to store their hi-def library. Just remember that maxing out the 5big's storage capacity will probably require you to opt for no RAID redundancy, making it easy to lose a mountain of data. It's of course not cheap either. The 10TB version comes in at $US1200, meaning the 20TB behemoth will certainly set you back quite a bit more.


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