LaCie's 4TB Blade Runner Hard Drive Looks Like A Renaissance Sculpture

LaCie's always had a certain flair for external hard drive design, bringing as much style to its hardware as functionality. But the company appears to have just one-upped its past efforts with the stunning Blade Runner that packs four terabytes of storage into an enclosure that looks like it was sculpted by a renaissance master.

However the Blade Runner isn't Michelangelo's handiwork. Instead, LaCie called on Philippe Starck once again to come up with its design that surrounds an anthropomorphically-shaped core with a series of sturdy aluminium blades that double as a heatsink, not just eye candy. With four terabytes of storage inside, and 10 gigabytes online, the USB 3.0 drive's $US300 price tag is somewhat justified. But if you want one on your desk you'll have to act fast since LaCie is only producing 9999 of them in a relatively limited run.




    This is nitpicking, but that is nothing like renaissance sculpture. If it was it would be Christ holding a hard drive, or something similar. That baby is solidly modernist. Oh, and "anthropomorphically-shaped"? Just out of morbid curiosity, what part of your body is shaped like that?

      What? You expect gizimodo writers to spend 3 minutes checking their articles? Or to actually know anything about art?

      Was going to say the same thing. Not in the slightest bit renaissance.

    Not Renaissance. Not even close. Do some research.

    That is one sexy, sexy dust magnet. Be sure to keep a can of compressed air handy to clean it out.

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