Kim Dotcom Wants To Encrypt Half The Internet

Tired of Kim Dotcom yet? No? OK, here's a pretty good interview with Russia Today in which the Megaupload founder chats up his fight with the US Justice department, possible extradition and the new Mega.

One of the more interesting tidbits in the clip is that Dotcom apparently wants to encrypt half the internet in the next five years, in order to keep the government from spying on people. Good luck with that, buddy, because that's just not going to happen.

Dotcom also chatted up the new Mega, going over what he's doing right this time around, and discussing the possibility of being shutdown again. Spoiler alert: he doesn't really think it would happen, at least not successfully. Although he's already had a bit of trouble with the new Mega.

Though Dotcom talks about a lot of the same things we're heard him say over and over — everyone's out to get him, internet freedom and so forth — the whole interview is worth a watch. And hopefully the big guy's not so busy giving interviews to get Mega to speed up. [Russia Today]

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