Ketchup-Squeezing Chip Containers Will Revolutionise Fast Food

The uninspired design of the ketchup packet has to be one of the worst parts of the fast food experience. Korean designers Hwan-dong Lee, Myung-gyu Kim, Nari Lee and Tae-no Yoon tasked themselves with coming up with a better solution. And now that the world is aware of the Ketchup Presser, we can never go back.

It's an improved design on the cardboard french fry container used by fast food joints around the world. The top flap extends so you have a clean place to put your ketchup for dipping. But the real star of the show is a strategic slice on the side that lets you slide a ketchup packet through and squeeze out its contents without getting your fingers dirty. It's brilliant and simple. A certain red-haired clown needs to license this design ASAP. [YouTube via Yanko Design]

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