Ketchup-Squeezing Chip Containers Will Revolutionise Fast Food

The uninspired design of the ketchup packet has to be one of the worst parts of the fast food experience. Korean designers Hwan-dong Lee, Myung-gyu Kim, Nari Lee and Tae-no Yoon tasked themselves with coming up with a better solution. And now that the world is aware of the Ketchup Presser, we can never go back.

It's an improved design on the cardboard french fry container used by fast food joints around the world. The top flap extends so you have a clean place to put your ketchup for dipping. But the real star of the show is a strategic slice on the side that lets you slide a ketchup packet through and squeeze out its contents without getting your fingers dirty. It's brilliant and simple. A certain red-haired clown needs to license this design ASAP. [YouTube via Yanko Design]


    As handy as it is.. I haven't seen anyone use ketchup at maccas.. Maybe the USA has a higher market.

    Now I'm interested to see how many people put ketchup on their maccas fries in aus.

      Same; I've never seen ketchup used either. Instead people seem to use mustard or Big Mac sauce instead.

        ? Where do you live? We use it all the time here in Melbourne...

          I live in Melbourne and have also lived in Canberra, and have never seen anyone use or ask for Ketchup. I myself have never used Ketchup for anything ever, and when it comes the Macca's fries, if I use sause, it is always the bonus one from nuggets. Now those little containers are a better idea than these boxes. After all, clearly they are made for one sauce type only, and not everyone has sauce with their chips. Worst idea ever.

          Never use or seen ketchup at Maccas?! are you guys in bizzaro world? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

      It's ubiquitous in Thailand. Everyone puts ketchup on their fries (and KFC, and pizza). Much of the surrounding countries are the same as well, you always get small dishes for sauce with your meal and there are large sauce dispensers in every fast food chain.

      It's not surprising this design originated from Asia!

    Their packaging still has to go through a printing press and I assume the inside of the container is still exposed to all the nasty chemical fumes used in the printing process. The only hygiene benefit I can see is your ketchup doesn't come into contact with as much ink as squeezing it onto your tray mat.

    Sorry but am I missing something here?? So the slit steadies the ketchup as you squeeze it with all the same fingers anyway? Hahahhaa what a joke are you guys serious? This is progress! Wow.

    So you want to completely change the design of the chip packet for the people who dip their chips in sauce?

    Here is a free alternative
    1) Open burger box
    2) Tip chips in half that doesn't contain burger
    3) Put sauce on edge of empty chip packet

    Pro-Tip: The empty chip packet can also store your undesired pickle.

    I have never in my life eatten maccas chips with tomato sauce

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