Jony Ive, Marissa Mayer And More: 12 Tech Giants Share A Pizza

Here's a dinner party where it would be fun to pull up a seat: a pizza banquet that brought together 12 of the biggest names rattling around Silicon Valley, including Jony Ive, Marissa Mayer and Dick Costolo. I wonder what they talked about?

The guest list included: Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo), Drew Houston (CEO of Dropbox), Dave Morin (CEO of Path), Dick Costolo (CEO of Twitter), Jeremy Stoppelman (CEO of Yelp), Michael Birch (cofounder of Bebo), Mike Cassidy (director of Google X) and Jony Ive (SVP at Apple).

An influential bunch then. The dinner was hosted by Hosted by Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia, and it's not really clear what its purpose was. It does, however, look awfully polite: everyone has a single slice of pizza on their plate. Someone needs to teach them how to eat. [Business Insider]

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