Is This What The Next iPad Will Look Like?

9to5Mac has an image that shows a prototype design for the next iPad, and it looks a lot like the iPad Mini. These pictures are only unconfirmed images, but if proven to be real, it looks like the big iPad might follow in the iPad Mini's footstep of lovely chamfered edges.

Taking a closer look at these leaked pictures, the rumoured next iPad backing looks nearly as thin as the iPad Mini. What's also interesting is that if Apple was using this case for the next iPad, the big iPad will have the same thin bezel of the iPad Mini. A MacRumors forum member posted a picture depicting the 9.7-inch screen size of the current iPad on the rumoured case:

You can see how thin the iPad would be, if it used this rumoured casing:

If this design is the direction that Apple decides to go with for the next iPad, it will be the first major redesign for the iPad since its inception. Every other iPad was pretty much the same slate with a silver backing. The only difference was varying degrees of thickness. Following suit with the iPad Mini's current look makes some sense. [9to5Mac]



    Who really cares what it looks like? I have never seen an iPad in use without a case - you're going to cover those "lovely chamfered edges" with some gaudy faux-leather case.


      I just use a Smart Cover. And I use that so I can prop it up more than anything else.

      I just run with the theory of, be careful with your stuff.

        I'm the same. Ontop of that, I'm not going to spend $20 on an ugly case to undo thousands of man hours and likely hundreds of thousands of dollars of R&D invested just in shaving every last fraction of a millimeter currently possible off the device.

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