Is A Skinny Pool Better Than No Pool At All?

Ohhh! A skinny pool! Great for lap swimming. No, a personal body of water so small you can touch both edges at the same time is dumb. Or is it?

Every so often you'll see houses showcased on design blogs that are supposed to be remarkable for their slender pools, like this one on the roof of plant-covered home Point: these are glorified creeks. Counterpoint: a wimpy pool is better than no pool at all. What side of the Great Small Pool Debate are you on? [Design-Milk]


    Is there a dead person in that pool?

      I think so. Does reading this make me a witness to something?


        jaja is the reflection, is just 1 person. The pool is awesome!

    Personally, I think it would make for an awesome Koi pond.

      Yeah. Can't do bombs in it, so put fish in it instead :)

    I'm calling all levels of crap on you being able to swim in that. You'd bang your arms against the side for every stroke in the sport. You can sit in it and maybe sidestroke, but that thing is way too narrow for lap swimming.

    You can only pee in a pool that size once. Just once. Then you have to replace the water.

    It looks like he just jumped into the water feature of his apartment...

    Put someone in a water feature, it now becomes a pool. Seems legit.

    Its aquaponics waiting to happen, line the side wall with 900 high 4'' tubes with 4 holes in each and you have a vertical farm along the side of your pool, through in some fish and bingo, pool, and food supply in one. or maybe just a hobby ether way, no one ever said you had to have a chlorine pool, you just have to have the right Eco-system to maintain the water and you have recreation, and food supply in one (no bombing the pool fishes don't like it)

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