Interact With This Beautiful Panorama Taken 310 Metres Above London

Why stare at flat and boring photos of London's skyline when you could dive into a 360-degree panorama with zooming and swivelling? The future is now people!

Photographer Will Pearson has well and truly answered this question with this effort, taken during the 2010 student protests in the UK. Pearson was perched on a crane on top of the 95-storey Shard London Bridge, where it was apparently quite cold... to put it mildly. From the panorama's description:

You can see the police helicopters hovering over London above the [student] demonstration. Technically this was a very difficult shoot, I was on the crane at the top of the Shard, and I had to wave at Andy the crane driver so he knew when he could rotate 45 degrees between the exposures. The temperatures were well below freezing and if you look in the distance behind Canary Wharf you will see the snow on the hills. Technically this image is not perfect but I find it fascinating nonetheless.

Perhaps not as terrifying or chilly as mounting the Mercury City Tower in Moscow, but the end result is undeniably more stunning.

[Will Pearson, via Neatorama]

Image: Will Pearson

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