Intel Made A Phone Called The Yolo So Kill Me Now

YOLO is by far the most frustrating acronym on the internet. It stands for "you only live once" and it's reserved as the idiotic justification for morons who do stupid shit. Unfortunately, nobody told Intel that, so the company has just designed a smartphone bearing the namesake of dropkicks everywhere.

You'll usually find that those who use the YOLO hashtag on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or whereverthef*ck are simultaneously doing stupid shit like not wearing seatbelts, drinking to excess or generally endangering their own life to prove the very theory behind the internet's most annoying slogan.

Intel's new smartphone isn't stupid, nor is it dangerous. In fact, it's actually quite good. It's Africa's first smartphone, donchaknow?

Intel and Safaricom have teamed up in Africa to release the Yolo (it hurts my soul every time I type it), which has a 3.5-inch 320x240 screen, dual-SIM slots and a 1.2GHz processor. The Yolo (hnnnnng) sells for $120 locally and comes with 500MB of free data. Intel is saying that it's the first smartphone for the African market.

I'm willing to let this stupid name slide and instead pretend that Yolo stands for You Obviously Lack Originality. Let's forget this ever happened. [Intel via The Verge]



    Maybe the L stands for 'rang' in Afrikaan? (lui)

    #ClutchingAtStraws #IntelOnlyCalledAPhoneYoloOnce

    Not trying to be facetious, but could 'Yolo' actually mean / sound like something in Swahili?

    Or are Intel just being the douche-bags we suspect them of?

      I think Intel arrived at that name because this phone is an evolution of the Xolo -- a phone for the Indian market. Y follows X and the -olo platform was there already. Seems to be an unfortunate happenstance.

      You realise only about 1 in 200 people in Africa speak Swahili as a native language, and only about 1 in 16 speak it at all?

        I assumed Swahili because Safaricom is a Kenyan company, and it's the native language of Kenya...

          Hi I'm Kenyan and yolo is not a swahili word

    I had somehow managed to miss this meme. But if YOLO, shouldn't you be wearing seatbelts etc? Or is it "YOLO, so get it over with as quickly as possible"?

    Exactly Sean's point. It's not as though "you only live once" is a new idea. The thing that troubles me is that such a small, but meaningful bit of wisdom about life has been appropriated by Twitter twits as a kind of catchphrase for "I'm about to do something dumb", not that people using "#YOLO" are doing dumb things.

    I really like the phrase itself for its versatility: I'm gonna go talk to that hot girl, because YOLO! I'm gonna get travel insurance when I go to Zimbabwe, becuase YOLO! I'm gonna try to climb Everest, because YOLO!

    Last edited 25/01/13 10:48 am

      It can be used that way, but it's more known for teens doing stupid acts. They either learn real quick that you really do live once or face the reaper.. My thought on it is that it's giving natual selection a boost since 2012.

    Reminds me of the rap 'artist' who last September proudly tweeted he was drink driving doing 120mph (193km/h), drifing & YOLO, then crashed & died minutes later, killing all 5 occupants.

      And the guy who owned the house the car went into was called "Bogan".
      Sure this isn't the onion?!

      Last edited 25/01/13 12:58 pm

    Id buy one!

    Actually, there is a reason for the name. It is successor of the Xolo. There's also supposedly a third one: The Zolo.

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