New iPhone Apps: Instructibles, H&M, And More

Here's a nice long weekend for you: Do some shopping, get some exercise, and bake an exact replica of the armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias. Sound like a plan? The apps below will help you make all those things happen with minimal effort.

Instructables: Want to make a disco ball bike helmet? A talking robot with spatula legs? Of course you do. And you've come to the right place — Instructables has directions, how-tos, hacks, recipes, and instructions for just about any zany project you can think of. Free

Vine: Listen up creative people and also all people: Vine is Twitter's new app for creating GIF-like animations. Go crazy documenting whatever you like, as long as it's not just your boring desk.Technically they're MP4 files, but we're having fun sharing these crazy video loops. Free

Chihuly: In cheesy Las Vegas, one of the legitimately cool things you'll see is the Chihuly installation at the Bellagio. You can experience the glass sculptures without travelling to Sin City — make your own by blowing into the microphone of your iPhone. It's not exactly the same, but if you're a fan of Dale Chihuly, it's pretty fun. Free

Move: Chances are you hover in front of a computer monitor like a bug on a lamp. And that means you're probably pretty sedentary. This app tracks your daily walking, running, biking, and so forth to see just how much you move. Free

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