Incredibly Detailed Tiny RC Tank Even Sounds Like The Real Thing

If you're bored of the recent trend of tiny RC cars and helicopters, a company called Armortek has a line of incredibly detailed RC tanks that will surely pique your curiosity. The Centurion Mk5/2 is a 1/6-scale behemoth that even sounds like the real thing thanks to a petrol-powered engine and real metal treads.

At over 1.2 metres long (not including the barrel) and weighing in at 100kg the only thing more outlandish than the mini tank is its price tag. The kit will set you back almost $US6000, which is surprisingly actually easy to justify when you imagine crushing your friend's puny RC dune buggy under the Centurion's treads. Muhuhaha. [Armortek via Thrillist]


    That's so awesome but the turret tuned like that is driving me nuts

    I thought we were talking about Tiny Tank on Playstation.

    I am minimum disappointed.

    100KG? Wow, that's a bit of a beast actually. Not really "tiny" though...

    Do the real tanks always drive backwards like that?

      Tanks often face their turrets backwards when they're "commuting".

        Thanks. I thought the tank was actually driving backwards too. But you're right, it's driving forwards with the turret stowed aft.

    The logic is that the total vehicle is shorter with the barrel pointing backwards.... (less barrel protruding beyond the vehicles margins, avoids getting dirt in the barrel....

    What does the gun sound like??? (jk)

    Made in England, not China, small productions runs, means that you will have exclusivity when crushing RC 4x4's, these are really works of art for those who have an affinity with using art for something "Useful" combined with nostalgia for the times when the empire actually Existed.

    Check the Link they make German and British tanks so you can fit with 50 cal guns and have a real tank battle.... (as long as it is in your own country where you can make your own rules on firearms use.)

    $6000 is cheap at the price.

    Only thing missing is the gear changing sounds.

    No ammo, no interest. I wanted this sucker to blow shit up.

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