I Want To Play This Jurassic Park Game So Bad

Jurassic Park is getting a 3D re-release soon, but before that even happens, I want to play my way through Isla Nublar in this Jurassic Park game built on Valve's Source engine.

This is only first-release Alpha footage for Jurassic Life, but my God does it look pretty. Everything from the Visitor's Centre right through to the labs are perfect replicas of the Steven Spielberg dino-epic.

You can even wander through the park with Robert Muldoon's infamous shotgun going after everything from terrifying Velociraptors through to a goddamn enormous Triceratops.

Do want.

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    Looks cool for Source. Imagine how amazing it would look in Cry Engine 3.

    Doesn't look great combat wise. The actual gunplay doesn't look fun though. Hope I'm wrong.

    It's like Far Cry 3, only that if tigers made game, they would be like kittens next to T-Rex.

    That's awesome. I still got a bit of a Black Mesa vibe from the labs at the start.

    was it my youtube that was bugging out, or did the footage look really jerky to anyone else?

    Makes me want to play Jurassic Park with a portal gun. I would think it would be more fun if the aim was to get around the park undetected rather than running around shooting dinosaurs.

    Last edited 03/01/13 12:19 pm

    Looks great for a fan effort with what I assume are limited resources / time.

    A fan made game and it's free!, looks like a lot of time and effort went through making it

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