Hisense Transparent 3D: An Incredible Spectacle, Even If It's Pointless

Hisense's "Transparent 3D" display technology creates the crazy effect of incorporating real-life objects into a video image. The company thinks the 40-inch demo unit in the image above is the future of how you window shop, but it's so cool looking that I wish there was something to do with it.

The panel works a lot like the transparent displays Samsung has shown off in the past except that now, they work with 3D content. When you put on 3D glasses and stare at the screen, the video gets incorporated with whatever is behind it. Obviously, it's not totally seamless. The real objects look somewhat superimposed, but what's cool is that it the effect looks like it was made in Final Cut Pro instead of by an optical illusion.

The only trouble is... there's no real use for this that's fun. Like, how would you incorporate this into a movie or gaming? Set up stuff behind your own TV? This is just a neat trick that could help certain stores sell products displayed in the front windows. Oh well, cheers to the spectacle!

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