Here's Why Top Gear Can't Be Aired Any Faster In Australia Than It Is Now

Just yesterday we were having a chat about Foxtel and its airing of the 19th season of Top Gear UK. We had a moan that, unlike another BBC series Doctor Who, Australians would have to wait a whole week for Top Gear to land here. The BBC has been in touch, and now we can tell you why it takes Top Gear so long to get here.

Here's a statement we received from BBC Worldwide earlier today:

BBC Worldwide Statement:
Top Gear is produced very close to UK transmission and so, unlike dramas, it is not able to transmit immediately globally as it needs to be reversioned and cleared for international broadcast. We’re really pleased to be able to bring Top Gear to viewers first on Foxtel, earlier than ever before and as soon as is technically possible.

That makes plenty of sense, but it's not doing anything to stop downloaders the world over from getting hold of Top Gear's UK airing just hours after it has aired. As a result, we can't call what BBC and Foxtel are doing "fast-tracking" from the UK. We can only call it "fast as we possibly can"-ing", which is certainly better than nothing, but still not enough to stem piracy.

Can TV piracy be stopped?

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