Here's Everything Wrong With Avatar

Do you remember watching Avatar? It was a pretty long time ago! And though it looked amazing in 3D IMAX (and not so amazing on sad old DVD) there were definitely things wrong with the movie. Like how it was Pocahontas or Dancing With The Wolves with a giant blue man group. Or how it was only fun when you watched it in 3D. Anyway, Cinema Sins takes Avatar to task and finds everything wrong with the movie in less than 4 minutes. [Cinema Sins]


    All i saw Avatar as is one big tech demo, yeah the plot was utter crap but by god it had some good visuals.

    Do you guys have an advertising deal with Cinema Sins or something? This is at least the third one you've posted and they're not exactly very good.

      Dont watch them then.

        I don't, but that doesn't help answer my question.

          They're full of shit anyway. Half the "fails" in the last one I watched were in fact fine. Just the person doing the review was a dumb fuck too busy looking for fails to figure out that its not a fail hes just too dumb to know whats happening.

            Yeah the one on avengers they clearly didn't understand a lot about what was going on. They do have some right though but mainly its nitpicking just because that's their thing.

          If you don't watch them then how do you know that "they're not exactly very good"?

            You only need to watch them once. They are absolute trash.

              I sense a case of the mads, some people take their films too seriously...

                Not sure what your comment has to do with the fact these "Everything Wrong With" videos are pretty bad.

      Agreed. Not very good at all.
      point 1) of the Video - YES we ALL need Giant Tv's 3inches from out face. look at our homes now, who here does not have a HUGE TV in a small appartment?

        But my 60" TV is not 3 inches from my face :S

    Does anyone remember Fern Gully (1992) based on the rainforrest in Northern NSW? Yet another movie shares a number of plot points as Avatar...

    Fern Gully the Last Rain Forest - but the Avatar things were blue

    although still have not seen it haha

    Someone needs to do an 'everything wrong with Cinema Sins video' ;-)

    I did a little bit of research into the language they speak in the movie; The reason they pronounce his name as 'Shayke Sooly' is because they don't have a J or a U in their alphabet.

    It's kinda like how the Indians that Microsoft call me 'an' (Iain) on the phone. And exactly like how you cant pronounce 'Loch' correctly.

      Also, I can't help but think that half of these are explained away in the movie or make actual sense.

      Didn't Starbuck paint a bright yellow star (or similar) on the underside of the Cylon Raider she hijacked?
      Can you currently turn off an aeroplanes engines remotely, even though you can monitor them remotely?
      Plus the falling thing was explained away by something special being in the atmosphere that bound to their bones?
      I can't even remember half the movie now.

    Terrible movie. VFX was nice but overall terrible terrible movie.

    never actually watched avatar? why?

    because i can't get past the font 'papyrus' in the intro credits.. It's my most hated font in the universe (could be a graphic design thing).

      Just because the font reminds you of 'papyrus' doesn't mean it is. Take a good look at them and compare them next time (if you can bear it).

      I thought the most hated was comic sans.

    I don't know if the guy was making fun of the fact that James Cameron used a similar design for the lifter in Aliens... or he just doesn't realise James Cameron directed Aliens and it was a completely retarded observation?

    Gizmodo says: Here's everything wrong with Avatar- then dumps a youtube embed to someone else's video. vgg

    Oh no a science fiction movie contains fiction.
    But doing the Prometheus running away? How could they copy something that came out several years after avitar?

    Serious Casey Chan, getting sick of the mindless crap you post...

    enjoyed the movie for the visual didn't think that much about the story although this was funny as hell and glad I watch the movie first.

    Last edited 24/01/13 10:36 pm

    Have a look at Honest Trailers on youtube much better than these video.

    never watched avatar, i saw the preview, that was enough.

    Cardboard coffins? Has this moron never heard of the cremation process?

    I had to turn it off before the halfway mark. He's not really pointing out problems. Just things... very irritating.

    I've watched these before but that was by far the worst one. That thing about Michelle Rodriguez was really uncalled for.

    That is appalling. Actual movie errors are fun to see. Rubbish observations like this are just lame.

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