Here's Everything That Was Wrong With Prometheus


    Don't even bother watching the vid linked here, there was actually only one thing wrong with Prometheus, it was crap.

    If the person who did this video even bothered to watch the movie he would know who Number 11 was.

    "If they made us, why is their video streaming technology is so shitty"

    That should read "why is their holographic video technology which has been unused for a million years still able to work at all"

    The author of this video is homosexual. Complaining about a hot chick NOT putting cloths on.

    Why would there not be an ax there? Axes are good for cutting holes through doors and windows in a ship after its crashed.

      the ship is meant to survive space

        it was an escape ship. Its meant to survive the destruction of the mother ship and re-entry. After its landed its done its job.

      My problem with the ax was its weird shape. Why the heavily curved handle? I can only imagine it making the ax extremely unwieldy. A nice straight handle provides the best accuracy.

    Lol! Enough replies there tony????

    It was a steaming pile of shit movie. I loved the guy whose whole job is maps getting lost, even though he's mapped the entire ship, and the biologist who thought the alien snake was 'beautiful'. Who could have seen that coming?

    Or the scientist who is totally bummed that he's made one of the greatest discoveries in human history? Even when upto now, his whole career has been studying cave drawings and now he's discovered an entire alien facility?

    I haven't seen the linked video yet, these are just recollections from watching the film. And that's only the beginning. The story was just terrible. Awful, awful film. No logic or... whatever.

    Anyway, i've gone on enough.

      The shape of the handle is irrelevant. as long as the head is inline with the hands it will work just fine. look at some photos of some scythes. the bend in the handle, effectively lengthening the handle would have the effect of dampening vibrations from the use of the axe. Its probably also for making storage, against the curved hull easier.

        The shape of the handle *is* relevant. Yes, a curved handle does result in some improvement in performance, but this is offset by the fact that the axe will require more skill to use. This being the case, such a ridiculously curved handle makes no sense at all in an implement which is, presumably, meant to be picked up by anybody on the crew and put to immediate use in a survival situation. Unless everybody who might need to pick up the axe has had training and extensive practice using the damn thing, they would be better off with a either a straight handled axe or, if you must have a curve, then something like a standard fireman's axe, which at least has the added benefit of a piercing spike on the rear of the blade rather than what appeared to be a non-functional take on a hammer head. A fireman's axe I could understand, rather than some messed up version of a Viking shipbuilder's axe. I also see no reason whatsoever why the gentle curve which has developed in axe handles over the last few thousand years would suddenly become amplified to borderline comedy proportions just because you're sticking it on a spaceship.

        And yes, the fact that the shape of the axe handle annoyed me this much probably does say something unflattering about my personality,

    Yes, Prometheus was all kinds of 'that just didn't make sense.' Keep Lindelof away - makes me concerned for his input on StarTrek: Into Darkness.

    Honest Trailers does it a little better in my opinion:

    It's full of stupid things that people have gone over a billion times and it's also full of things that people point out as flaws that aren't. There's some really strong that things I like about it as a fan of the Alien, but in general I didn't like this film.

    I don't mind unanswered questions because answering everything cheapens the fiction and shrinks the universe. Just look at Star Wars. What bugged the hell out of me about Prometheus was the general vibe that this was just Ridley Scott making a movie from a Paul W. S. Anderson script. Seriously didn't you people feel that?

    It was riddled with cliches and really cheap exposition and people call it genius just because it holds back certain details. It's really not as smart as people make out, and it's wrong to assume that all of its detractors are dumb and just don't get it. A movie chasing subtle allusions to higher themes can't effectively pursue that stuff when it alienates half its audience with stupid blunders like having scientists take their helmets off. Prometheus loves to flash its va-jay-jay all the time and then pretends to be demure afterwards. It can be wearing the finest French underwear but that's no good once the mystique is shattered.

    Why reveal the engineers in the beginning? Why does there have to be big alien sphinxes to mark where things are? The characters make great logical leaps and explain things to us to move the plot along. I thought I was watching a Roger Corman movie. I would have thought that an Alien prequel would be more cerebral and less of an action film.

    The Weyland/daughter subplot did nothing but turn it into a tv space opera. Alien used to be truckers in space. The gritty reality distinguished it from Star Wars. Prometheus goes the other way.

    People love to bag Alien 3, but I prefer it to Prometheus. It was full of plotholes too, but it was a far more original story and didn't pull its punches. People tend to hate it because it killed off the characters they loved and generally disoriented them, but that lack of providence gave the story some gravity. It was an emotionally draining film and the atmosphere and sense of place was far superior. I felt totally detached watching Prometheus because it took me out of the experience so early in the piece and every development got more and more silly.

      I actually felt like I was just being trolled by Ridley Scott. It was supposed to be another chapter of the aliens films, but it all it did was add more questions, in the most retarded way possible.

      Let's face it, there's about 5 of the films now (not incl. AvPs) and only 2 of them are worth watching. The others range from ok to just complete rubbish.

    I'd like to see the 48 year old American snot who made the video in his mums basement do better.

    A film critic for 12 year olds.

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    Here's a video that tries to explain the stuff that happens in Prometheus. Whether you agree with the content or not, it's a much better created video than this.

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