Here's Everything That Was Wrong With Looper

My favourite movies in the world are those that involve time travel. I can't help it, it's my weakness. I also love any move with Joseph Gordon Levitt. And Bruce Willis. And hell let's just add Piper Perabo because she's just as cute as her name. But I didn't watch Looper. Man I need to get out more. OK, I'll watch it right after I see everything that's wrong with it in under 3 minutes. [Cinema Sins]


    Stop posting these stupid videos. Barely anyone appreciates them, they're cynical and pointless jabs at films that have no real purpose.

    And before you say "whehhrhe maybe you should just not click the link", then take this comment as criticism from a regular Gizmodo user and my personal experiences with this site. It does not contribute to the site at all, it does not hold any relevance to the world of technology, and isn't a worthy post in any way, shape or form.

      +1 if the guys who make these stupid videos about plot holes can make a movie that's just as good as looper but without the flaws I'd love to see it, but until they do they seem like whiny little geeks trying to make themselves seem smart to their friends

      You should probably start putting "In my opinion" before your cynical and pointless jabs at articles... That is however, just my opinion.

    I like them. You're wrong.

    I got dragged along to see this movie. I f***ing hated it. It was just so stupid and possibly the worst time travel movie I've ever seen.

    He DID die soon after he ate that food.

    Review fail: You cannot count SOY steaks as a sin, and then count not cooking the MEAT long enough as a sin.

    I went and saw it with a group of friends and it was funny to find out that those of us that were sci-fi fans hated it and those that weren't liked it. There are plenty of 45 min sci-fi shows that do time travel far better than this high budget Hollywood film


    Regarding the incinerator plant, it is probably run by the mob.

    Cars can be made to run for a long time, there are plenty of cars running that are older than 40 years. Plus maybe the US has had sanctions placed on it, [like Cuba], by China, [Mao Zedong was on their currency].

    Paul Dano Discount Shia Lebouff? He's a brilliant young actor, see There will be blood etc.

    The meat could be soy steak, or it could have been pre prepared, or maybe they can cook things faster in the future.

    So many things aren't problems, yes there are some plot holes, it's a friggin time travel movie.

    My only problem with it is that after young Joe kills himself, future Joe wouldn't have had the opportunity to do any of the harm that he would have, and the entire situation would either be reversed or result in a paradox.

    I love these videos. They are fun. I don't understand how people can be so personally offended by them. Did they make the movie? No. Get some counselling.

    Dark knight rises video was best so far. Terrible movie. And I am a batman fan.

    Grandfather paradox.
    Two alternate and simultaneous realities might cause the universe to collapse on itself.
    Also, who the fuck would sign up for the job knowing you have to kill yourself?

    WHY, Watch it and make up you're own damn mind, The person who made that video might HATE time travel movies, Besides it was a fairly good movie, The ending....(SPOILER) Im not gonna say it

    Please, may I never become so cynical that I spend my time making videos criticising movies.

    Wow Giz, CANNOT believe you just posted that...
    I watched about 15 seconds then stopped... Absolute disgrace.
    For a start, Looper is a good movie, and its in the genre called Science Fiction. KEYWORD: FICTION.

    None of those things annoyed me, I quite enjoyed Looper (and I am a hard-core Sci-Fi reader/viewer). In fact, most of them can be easily explained. e.g. Mobsters are dicks, it would probably give them a kick to force loopers to kill themselves, reinforcing who is in charge. And with the steak, all it takes is one cut to a different camera/shot and you can no longer say how much time has elapsed between events. In any event, there are those who eat sushi and it isn't cooked at all.

    At the end of the day, nobody know how time travel will work but the many universes theory suggests that you can do anything in the past and all it will do is cause another fork in the timeline. i.e. You can do anything you like in the past and it will never affect your original timeline, because in that timeline you never traveled back in time.

    I was overall underwhelmed by Looper. Nevertheless poking holes in a time travel movie is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Meanwhile the majority of these gripes are actually quite easily explained and are not flaws but lack of imagination.

    E.g. They state one of the movie sins "being delayed in the future would not effect what time you arrive in the past."

    They assume there is actually only one form in which a time machine can function, regardless who is writing the story about this fantasy device. An easy explanation is rather than setting the user being able to set an extract time of date maybe they need to set how much time they go back and from whatever time the time machine is activated they go back from the point in time how much time they have set to go back.

    I quite enjoyed the film. If it had any issues, it's that I found it lost quite a bit of pace for about 30 minutes, around the time he gets to the farm.

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