Here's A Super-Cut Of All Lance Armstrong's Bullshit Denials

Lance Armstrong has just admitted to hard-hitting entertainment journalist and ex-retiree Oprah Winfrey that he took performance enhancing drugs. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and watch a bunch of Lance Armstrong's more high-profile denials over the years.



    This is beautiful. He has done even worse than Tiger Woods- and that's not easy, scandal wise.

    I would love to see the sport banned temporarily from the Olympics because of the Systemic drug abuse.
    It's about as wide spread as child abuse in the Catholic Church.

      Bit harsh on anyone who isn't a drug cheat isn't it? Kill 'em all and let god sort it out type of approach? "Hey guys, you know how you've been complaining about drug cheats in your sport? Cop this."

      Oh and classy move with the catholic church thing. Classy.

        The catholic church comment was the only part of his comment i agreed with.


            Why is that low? it's a 100% true, statistics will back me up on that.

              Go on then, prove it. Link these "statistics" if you're not completely full of shit.

                Have you not heard about that royal commission that's happening at the moment? hahaha I don't understand you, it is true and it is widely known by everyone, stop being blinded by your faith, you are making a fool out of yourself, just look at the rates of abusers in Melbourne

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                  Burn.. Good points tho.
                  I feel like this is as good a place as any to point out how some religions believe the end of organized religion will come from outside pressure from governments & herald the end of the world, however come modern day & most religions are spending their time shooting holes in their boats.

        I hate to say it, but I really think cycling needs to be dropped for the short term. It sucks for the clean cyclists, but it looks like the sports governing body is rife with corruption, and until an alternative body is in place, cycling can only make the Olympics look bad.

          So you would rather sacrifice all that hard work all the clean cyclists put in than to risk having another doping cyclist make Olympics look bad. You must be one of the cyclist who represents Australia in the Olympics then, how noble of you.

            Yes. The fact is, its not the clean cyclists who are making the teams, and this will continue until the administration is properly cleaned up. We know this because after the cleaning out of the tour, it was suddenly all those guys who couldn't crack the top ten before who were winning.

        Sean:well it appears that those who "Have never Doped" may well be the best actors.... Who really is an honest Broker where sports, money, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll is on offer....

        It is hard to take a strong denial at face value.... (Look at history, now we have practically everyone who has won a tour labelled as a cheat, the ones who haven't been caught were smart enough to retire when they were ahead of the game, you can bet they were on "something" (whether it was legal or not at the time doesn't matter.... Athletes take Performance enhancing supplements all the time.... (RBC loading used to be legal....)

        My belief, is that if everyone in the sport is doping then it is a fair and open playing field.... Bring it on, forget the stupid anti-doping rules.... It levels out the playing field, the athletes who cheat still have to have natural ability and work damn hard.... Next we will be excluding those with select Genes which give them a natural ability... There is nothing natural about most competitive sport...

        Sadly, "isn't a drug cheat" and "Olympics" are 80-90% mutually exclusive. The one's doing the complaining - like Lance used to - are mostly those that think what they're taking is undetectable. Usually they're right, for a while at least.

      or as trolls on the internet

    ah, sports people, the highlight of modern society.
    Note: sarcasm may be involved.

    Got to admire a man who had the ball to come clean..........

    Bugger it.
    I've miss laid the auto-biography [its now way out of date]. I've lost the livestong glasses and I'm not on the bike much anymore. To all that will listen, regardless of the chemicals, winning the TDF 7 times is huge.
    Have i lost faith in one of my former heroes? Think of this, he is now former hero and has been for a number or years. He cheated, I think we resigned ourselves to this years ago.

    but in his case he was right a long, long time ago. It wasnt about the bike.

      Except he didn't win. He cheated. And he bullied, intimidated and persecuted anyone before today that pointed that out. The single - and frankly, inadequate - excuse for that behaviour was that it was unfair, and he had a right to defend himself. But it was fair, and true, so it demonstrates he was being an unmitigated arsehole the entire time.

      What he did regardless was to complete the Tour multiple times, some of those times after surviving cancer. And that's still pretty damn amazing - more than the majority of us commenters will achieve (and hopefully, never have to). I'll continue to admire that achievement - as I think everyone should, unless they've achieved something even more incredible - while having contempt for the man and his behaviour.

    all athletes/swimmers/cyclist dope and cheat

    it's only a matter whether they get caught or not.

    I won't surprise if say....ian thorpe comes out and says he was taking performance enhancing drugs too....wouldn't surprise me one bit

    as a matter of fact, let's take it one step further. Since everyone dopes anyway, why dont they just let them do whatever they want to do and forget about the testing process.

    Saves money and spares us watching blatant lies on tv when we are told by these guys "i do not cheat and do not take performance enhancing drugs"

    7 years and never a positive drug test wheres the real issue here? The guy should have been found out in year 1...

      That's because the cycling administrators have too much to lose. They have a magic story - a cancer survivor beats the odds and beats the toughest race in the world. Money comes pouring in from cyclists who buy the bicycles, the pants, the water bottles. Money comes into the cycling administration, corporate money is put into advertising, everyone is getting rich. "Someone taking drugs? Er, let's look the other way, we're having too much fun with all this money."

      The whole sport is corrupt. And for those clean guys who are in it, you're joining a corrupt club - get out and do something else. If you ban the sport, maybe it will wipe out those who are far too invested in the scandal, and maybe one day it can come back clean and shiny.

      Yep, because science knows everything RIGHT NOW. There is a thing called new methods of detection....................

    I was waiting for the standard 'I smoked pot but didn't inhale' line. Damn!

    "My mum gave it to me" Honest.

    I like the idea of doing what body building has done. All natural category and a drugged up category.

    So in 2009 we had Tiger, 2013 we have Lance.
    Moral of the story? We have 4 years to keep Roger Federer away from drugs & women.

    Modern day Olympics should be called the "Pharmaceutical Olympics". State of the art, non-detectable, performance enhanced olympics.

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