Hello Touch May Be The Best Sex Toy Ever Invented

JimmyJane's new Hello Touch may be the best sex toy ever invented. It will turn two of your fingers in natural vibrators that you can apply all over your body, inside and out. It also looks designed by Tony Stark and Jon Ive, which kind of makes you and your partner look like superheroes in an iPod ad.

Unlike existing cheapo, crappy finger vibrators, the Hello Touch is extremely small and way more powerful — as powerful as a full vibrator. And while it may look awkward to you, it actually feels natural once you put it on — like a natural extension of your finger. Cyborgsex.

So natural that, according to JimmyJane, "is the only one that is optimised for both internal and clitoral stimulation". That means that you can put your fingers inside your favourite cavity and the vibration pod will fit comfortably in and stay securely put on your finger.

Since you can decide which fingers get a vibration pod, you can play with a clitoris with one finger while using the other finger inside. Or pinch nipples. Or caress different parts of the body in so many ways. Or you can turn them around or move them to your finger's second phalanx to gain a different kind of sensation. There's a lot of combinations.

The whole thing can be easily and safely washed after your sex session. They are $US65 each and yes, we are reviewing it.




    I'm scared of where the young lady in those pics is going to use those finger vibrators on the gentleman..........hopefully only on his biceps as shown.

      I don't understand your concerns at all.

        HA! ^ thissssss guyyyyyyy

    Look, when nerds talk about things like this, that's when girls think we're creepy. Mmmkay? And they're right. WTF?!?

      Talking about ways to increase our partners pleasure is creepy?

        Not at all. But nerds shouldn't do it in public. Sure, it's discrimination, but it's valid.

          You are the one that is talking..... Nerd :)

            I'm trying to protect you poor little sexless creatures!

          If by public you mean Gizmodo, then it's not like girls or non geeks aren't having similar discussions elsewhere. Heck, some of the crap in the letters to the editor of cosmo and other mags is well beyond what is being posted here.

      this obviously isnt for first date material...this is something you would try with a partner you have been in a long term relationship with

        Nah, I'm going to get one to wear when I shake hands with every new person I meet.

    "It also looks designed by Tony Stark and Jon Ive" Really? Looks like something that gets strapped to you in the emergency room when you are in for observation to me.

      Grab boobs and yell "clear!" bzzzzzt

    Those seeking such extreme perverted pleasures may as well start doing heroin.

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