Hacked R2-D2 Toy Now Almost Rivals Skywalker's On-Screen Companion

Securing his position as possibly one of the best boyfriends ever, a Chinese Star Wars fan hacked a broken R2-D2 toy for his girlfriend's birthday, turning it into an autonomous companion that's almost as awesome as the version seen in the movies.

Using a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian that controls various components easily available online, he added voice recognition, facial recognition, motion detection, Wi-Fi and ultrasonic sensors so that R2 is free to roam and follow commands without crashing into obstacles. There's no word on how much the hacks and added parts cost, but who could ever put a price on owning your own astromech droid? Or permanently cementing your relationship with your girlfriend — assuming she's into Star Wars too. [YouTube via Pocket-lint]


    in my head, i fuzed 'raspberry pi' with 'life of pi', and imagined a little dude inside that r2, living his life serving this every girls whim...

      Kenny Baker 2.0 ?

    I'd probably call it modded instead of hacked. How much of the original controller is still in play here. Fantastic job though. More creative than I could come up with.

    That was freakin awesome, and would be the beez kneez if:

    1. He could shoot lasers*
    2. Produce a hologram recording*
    3. Make more R2D2 sounds
    4. Fly a little*

    * I know, unlikely.......yet.

    Me want.

      1. He could shoot lasers* (he could pop Balloons with a laser)
      2. Produce a hologram recording* (use a kids small projector and display upon a wall)

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